Which hairbrush is right for you?

The brush section in the haircare aisle can be overwhelming. Hair brushes come in so many shapes and sizes, each one designed for different hair types, and different styling purposes. Choosing the right hairbrush and using it correctly can make all the difference in achieving your perfect hair look.

We know you wouldn’t use the same brush to apply your foundation as you would to apply your bronzer; so why is it many of us take a ‘one brush fits all’ approach to the ones we use for our hair?

Not anymore! Here we take the guesswork out of picking the right hairbrush for all your needs. 

1. Round Brush

The Freestyle ceramic round brush is great for creating styles with body and bend or working towards a sleek straight texture. The round brush is versatile for all hair types adding volume and definition. The high impact heat resistant plastic makes it perfect for styling a gorgeous natural blow out style as seen on the Victoria Secret Angels!

2. Detangler
Have you been looking for a brush that will detangle your wet hair without snapping it off? Look no further! Freestyle Groom Wet Dry Detangler Brush has ultra soft flexible bristles that are fabulous for detangling wet or dry hair, hair extensions and even wigs. The soft cushion brush is suitable for all hair types from thick, long or curly.

3. Paddle Brush
Longhaired beauties, reach for the Freestyle Paddle Brush to keep your strands looking their best! The big flat shape creates smooth, sleek and shiny styles with lots of volume. It easily glides through thick hair whilst providing a stimulating scalp massage at the same time!


4. Style comb
The Freestyle lift and style comb will create the perfect part with a sharp precise line. This comb gives you the ultimate freedom to create your own style. The wide-teeth are ideal for detangling and penetrating thick hair whilst the polished teeth ensure the comb glides effortlessly. We love that it has multiple functions!


5. Separate & Tease comb
Create big, flirty hairstyles with the Freestyle Separate and Tease Comb. The fine-tooth structure allows the hair to be teased towards the scalp creating a fuller look adding definition. The rat-tailed end parts the hair with precision and separates the hair easily.


Having the right tools at your fingertips makes all the difference in creating your fave hair styles. Freestyle hair care has you covered! You’ll never use the wrong hair tool again and will get the flawless hair you have always wanted!