The ultimate hair kit: Everything you need for DIY hair

With the end of summer looming and the sun-kissed, silky beach hair packing its bags for the season we want to share with you the best ways to keep your hair looking fresh and fab in Feb. Are you looking for ideas for the perfect up do or a convenient down do? Whether you’re going to work or preparing for a special night out everyone needs a go-to hairstyle in their life. With a little practice you can keep that fabulous hair look all year round.

Wavy low bun
A bun has always been a classic go-to staple hairdo and we’re taking it to the next level with romantic loose waves for your next special occasion. When wearing your hair down lower it is better to have a more curled style for extra volume as opposed to a straight blow-dry. To achieve this romantic look just in time for Valentine’s Day we recommend blow-drying your hair in a curled fashion using Freestyle’s Round Thermal Brush. When your hair has a nice wave, grab some of your favourite Gliders Soft Ties and pull it back in a loose messy bun and pin any loose locks with your Freestyle Bobby Pins.

Pinned back flat waves
Seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner, flat waves is the next big thing in hair dos. We’re here to tell you how easy it can be to get that supermodel look with your favourite products. First, comb out any knots and kinks in your hair. We find the Freestyle Hard Cushion Anti Frizz Brush gets the job done the best. Next grab your nifty hair straightener and clamp your iron on an upwards-bended piece of hair to create some flowing waves. If you already have naturally wavy hair then you’re one step closer to subtle glam! To get those pesky hairs away from your face for the busy workday slip in some Gliders Snap Clips and voila, you’re rocking the easiest, hottest new trend on the block.

Extra tips just for you
If you’re on the go and need a quick hair touch up after hitting the windy streets the super handy Freestyle Travel Paddle Brush is your new best friend. It provides the professional salon quality look in a compact size for travel. No more on the road knots for all you beauties out there!

Don’t brush your hair when it is wet! With all the extra weight in your hair from water, it is more likely to snap and we can't have that now can we. Our favourite everyday brush is the Freestyle Paddle Brush. It works with any hair type or length and gives a high impact look.


We’d love to see your take on our DIY hairstyles! Tag us on Instagram and show us your new skills @chemcorpinternational.