The ultimate hair brush guide – New must-haves!

When it comes to haircare you must remember that all brushes are not made equal, in fact, there are just as many types of brushes as there are makeup brushes these days!

The quality of your hairbrush and styling techniques can be make or break for the overall health of your hair. If you experience hair loss, thinning or have weak hair, it could be the result of bad hair habits.

With so many different hairbrushes on the market, we know it can be super confusing! That’s why we’ve created the ultimate hairbrush guide, complete with the latest and greatest hair brush additions to the EcoTools range – the first hairbrushes released by the ecofriendly, vegan brand.

Fake it till you make it
How amazing is the feeling of walking out of the hair salon with a fresh blowout – instant confidence boost! How would you like it if you could achieve this look in the comfort of your own home? For us busy women, there isn’t always time in the day to squeeze in an appointment.

The new EcoTools Large Expert Thermal Styler Brush will let you create amazing blowout results like you have just stepped out of the salon. This brush is perfect for medium to long hair when blow-drying to create smooth, long-lasting style and volume, whilst reducing dry time by 20%.

Turn drying time into downtime
Drying your hair straight after washing it is just one of those time-consuming jobs that most of us need to do. That’s why you need the new EcoTools Ultimate Air Dry Brush in your life! The unique shape of the brush is perfect for blow-drying hair as it works as a diffuser allowing air to travel through the brush. This improves drying time by 40% to create gorgeous natural looking waves and curls. You can now spend more time on more important things like totally acing the perfect winged eyeliner.

Silky smooth
For all the thick haired beauties that are prone to knots and tangles, we have the perfect brush for you! The new EcoTools Smoothing Detangler Brush is designed to carefully undo any hair messes without tugging at the roots, which can cause hair damage and split ends.

Smooth down your hair in a breeze! Bonus – this brush massages the scalp and pulls natural oils down the hair shaft to reveal healthy shiny locks. Also, the aerodynamic EcoVent reduces drying time by 20% allowing for less heat damage and quicker prep time. 

If you want to ease styling processes, whether that is blow-drying, straightening, detangling or smoothing, the new EcoTools hairbrush range has a hairbrush for you!