The solution to all your blending needs

Look no further beauties! We have created FIVE brand new brushes just for you to help transform your makeup application. The Real Techniques Blend + Blur Collection is here and ready to become the new resident amongst your makeup accessories.

Sam & Nic Chapman along with the whole Real Techniques team saw your love for oval brushes and we wanted to deliver the best unique experience that will get you totally hooked.

Blending in with the trend
These brushes are very different to the existing Real Techniques range, boasting a densely packed head of soft bristles whilst staying ahead of the growing oval-shaped makeup brush trend.

The oval brush heads allow for smooth application of product and blends beautifully. The unique shape of the brushes and their design are super soft, which feel amazing on your skin and creates a flawless finish every time. You’ll have to try for yourself to believe.

Designed with a curved handle, these brushes can make application even more comfortable than ever before. With their tapered bristle ends absorbing fewer products, it reduces your product wastage, BONUS!

Meet the Fam, Fam!
The Blend + Blur Collection is the first ever range of oval makeup brushes to join our Real Techniques family, launching five unique brushes that not only look sleek but truly work like magic!

Introducing the newest members of our Real Techniques range:
All Over Brush Its densely packed oval head sweeps seamlessly across your face, neck and body for a flawless application of powders, creams or liquids. RRP: $39.99.

Foundation Brush
Is an amazingly full, oval shaped brush allowing for flawless application of cream or liquid foundation. RRP: $34.99.

Contour Brush Designed to create contours, this brush perfectly blends product around your cheekbones, jaw line and hairline to enhance certain features of your face. RRP: $29.99.

Cheek Brush A specifically designed brush head that creates a detailed makeup application and sculpts across your cheek for a smooth and blended finish. RRP: $28.99.

Shadow Brush This is the ultimate eye shadow brush, designed for every eye shape as it swiftly moves all over your lid to create a stunning finish. RRP: $26.69.

Hook, Line and Sinker
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