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The number one tan item you didn’t know you needed

Knowing what to wear to and from your next tan appointment or after you’ve just lathered up at home is a real struggle. When you’re going to get a tan and all you’ve got left in your wardrobe is a crisp white dress, that’s when you know you’re in real trouble. The thought of ruining that white dress with the distinct stain of fake tan is unbearable! So what is the number one tan item you didn’t know you needed? Well you may have already guessed but…!

1000 Hour have kindly got all your backs with their Little Black After Tan Dress. If you ever needed something other than fake tan in your life, this is it. No need to ruin some of your favourite dresses just to get that sun kissed glow. After all, it’s June so there’s not too many days to be laying around in the sun. This is the time of year to head to the salon or whip out your at home tan to make it look like you’ve just stepped off the plane from Bali.

We all know that black is the go to clothing colour when you are talking fake tan and no we don’t mean you should get out your black jeans.

Apart from not ruining any of your normal clothing you’ll get to experience all these benefits with the Little black After Tan Dress:
• Light weight fabric that doesn’t cling to your skin
• The high/low hem allows you to sit on furniture or a car seat without rubbing the back of your legs and transferring colour
• Even better, it comes with a bonus headband to keep your hair in place when tanning your face
• Small, medium and large sizes

Don’t worry ladies, 1000 Hour had everything in mind when creating this dress. It is also double lined in the bust area for protection when you’re not wearing a bra, because if you’ve just faked tanned and your putting a bra on straight away, you’re doing it wrong girl.

If you’re doing your own fake tan at home (it’s ok, we don’t all have time to hit the salon) don’t get caught brown-handed without a tanning mitt. If you’re going for the natural sun-kissed look then you don’t want to be giving it away with brown hands. Once people see those hands there’s no going back, everyone knows that you’ve done your Thursday night tan night. This is where Bodyefex Self Tan Applicator Mitt comes in. It is especially designed for simple, streak free application of fake tan and will save you from some super embarrassing streaky, stained hands. It can also be washed in the machine so it won’t be sitting in your drawer staining everything around it. Although, it would give a nice scent to your vanity cabinet, a nice little silver lining.

So put away all your favourite dresses and make way for your Little Black After Tan Dress. Your go to dress for all your tanning pamper needs. Happy bronzing beauties!