The newest way to feel instantly clean, fresh and energised

Each morning you spray yourself with perfume in hopes to smell like a flower all day! But, lets be real… By the time you’ve ran to catch your train, been squashed amongst smelly crowds in the peak hour rush and finally arrive at your workplace; you’re feeling like you’ve been without a shower for days. Sound familiar?

Now you can have no fear because the signature Body Fantasies are here. The travel sizes are perfect for the on-the-go girl and are the easiest way to feel instantly clean, fresh and re-energised. Keep one or more in your beauty bag; in your work drawer or even in the ladies bathrooms – if you’re willing to share your secret, that is!

You can look, feel and smell irresistible from a choice of clean, sweet, or sexy fragrances that are long lasting. Depending on what ‘fantasy’ you want to experience, there’s a scent to perfectly suit all styles and personalities, so it’s time to choose your own adventure from the following: 


    • Japanese Cherry Blossom: A fragrance full of romance, desire and charm. A long-lasting blend of warm oriental notes transform into an incredibly feminine dry down of fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and seductive amber.

    • Kissing in the Rain: A young, clean fruity and floral fragrance, featuring juicy orange, creamy sandalwood, sweet honeysuckle, warm vanilla and spring rain.

    • Pink Sweet Pea: Blissful floral and sparkling fruits are masterly mingled and naturally long-lasting. This is perfect for a sweet feminine fantasy!

    • Pink Vanilla Kiss: Delectable juicy peach and berries open the fragrance, while soft florals round out the middle. The woods and musk beautifully crafted into the base create a feminine, fruity, gourmand fragrance.

    • Twilight Mist: A mesmerising and mysterious fragrance. Combining coconut, fresh plum, magnolia, tuberose, tiger, orchid, violet, sandalwood, creamy musk, tonka bean, and vanilla. This is the ultimate all-in-1!

    • Vanilla: This simple fragrance combines the clean scents of creamy vanilla, jasmine, fresh apples, and white musk. It is the go-to scent when you’re feeling like a simple fantasy.


    By the way, the smell isn’t the only thing irresistible, so is the price! You can choose more than one if you desire – the sky is the limit! Shop and see for yourself!