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The dos and don'ts of eyeliner!

There’s nothing quite as sexy as a perfectly applied winged eye, or as dramatic as a sleek Cleopatra-style line. But, many of us don’t wear the look because, let’s face it, getting eyeliner right just isn’t easy.

Eyeliner is usually applied to enhance the lash line and create a more made-up look, but depending on how you apply eyeliner it can be used just as effectively for every day, as for a big night out.

Regardless of what look you are going for however, there are a few application rules.  Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon be able to tame even those notorious liquid liners!

So first up deciding on your look will help you decide which eyeliner you need. Here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind.

Pro:  In most cases a pencil is easier to control (especially for first time users). You can soften the line easily with a little foundation, or feather it using a make-up brush for a more subtle look.
Con: Lacks glide and is therefore harder to create a smooth, neat line.
Tip: If opting for the pencil liner, try finding a creamier formulation. It will help with smoothness.

Pro: Creates a smoother, sleeker line. Creates a more dramatic look.
Con: Harder to control, so easier to mess up.
Tip: Go slow – it helps! Oh, and practise makes perfect.

Here are our tips for applying the perfect liner: 
-       Start with a pencil if you are inexperienced when it comes to applying liner – it’s much easier to apply than liquid.
-       Use the right colour.  Make sure your liner blends with the rest of your make up. If going for a subtle, natural look, DON’T use black liquid liner. Try a brown or grey which will be softer on the eye.
Tip: For a perfect complement of colour, why not use a darker eye shadow and an eyeliner brush to create a softer eyeliner look.

-       Use liquid on top only, do not use liquid liner for the bottom lash line. When applying liner to the bottom lash line, use pencil. Unless you are an expert make-up artist going for a particular look – stay clear!
-       Always start with a thin line and add thickness if needed. It’s easier to add, than take away if your application is too heavy-handed to start with.
-       Apply a primer before adding anything to the eye. It will allow for a smoother application that will look better and last longer.
-       Use a Q-tip to remove any mistakes, or to smooth out the line.

-       Leave a gap between the liner and the lash line. BIG NO NO! Apply liner as close to the lash line as possible.
-       Let the corners turn down – we call this droopy eye, no one wants droopy eye.  If the line extends the edge of your eye, ensure the line curves up – but not too much.
-       Apply liner to the bottom only. If there is liner on the bottom, it’s essential to have liner on the top – this also creates droopy eye.
Tip: the bottom liner should be much thinner than the top.

-       Outline the entire eye. Last we checked, panda is not on trend.
-       Apply liner in one long stroke. Although this is not critical when it comes to eyeliner application,its best to start midway between the inner corner and centre of the lid and using small strokes, create a line moving to the out corners of the eye. Then go back and fill in the rest.
If you find yourself a fan of liquid liner, try 1000 Hour Xpress Lash-Gro liner. Because what do we love just as much as the perfect winged eye line? A set of long, luscious lashes to match of course. 

When applied close to the lash line (step one in applying the perfect liner), the rich, long-lasting colour defines the eyes and enhances the appearance of lashes just like other liners; but the formula’s enhancing serum also helps improve the appearance of lash length, thickness and fullness within 4 – 8 weeks. 

So, whether you’re already a lover of liner, or a beauty newbie wanting to try out the seemingly tricky eye liner look, these simple do’s and don’ts will ensure you get it right.

What are your rules when it comes to applying the perfect liner?