The busy ladies essentials – everything you need in your life!

For all us busy women of the world, time is precious. We are constantly on the go and unfortunately don’t have extra time in the morning to perfect our beauty routine. That’s why a compact mirror and a handbag emergency kit is essential! You can fix yourself up anytime, anywhere and look gorgeous from day to night.

We have put together the top must-have products to keep with you at all times. Looking and feeling beautiful will be achievable in a matter of minutes!

Brows on Point
When you barely have time to eat breakfast whilst running out the door, grooming your brows may seem like a low priority. Eyebrows balance your face and can shape an entire makeup look, so it’s important to give them some TLC.
Plucking a few stray hairs will instantly give you shape and make you look more presentable. 1000 Hour Lighted Tweezers make grooming quick and easy by enabling you to clearly see even the finest hair.
Boost brow depth and define your eyes with 1000 Hour Instant Brows, this will make you look more awake and rested. The light gel base will set your brows so they will look on point all day long.

Perfect Pout
When you’re running on a tight schedule and constantly on the move, your lips can often suffer and become very dry. To rehydrate your lips on-the-go try using Revo Lip BalmEnriched with conditioning natural oils, moisturising aloe and vitamin E, your lips will be left feeling softer and smoother immediately. The compact twist top design will fits perfectly in your emergency makeup kit beauties!

Flawless touch-up
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal makeup stylist just like Beyonce to keep you looking flawless 24/7? For the majority of us we can only imagine! Lucky we have found the best product to fix your makeup when constantly on the move. Real Techniques Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges are your new BFF to fix up any smudges or mishaps.

Colour correct
They often say time is money and money is time, so we don’t blame you for forgetting about those pesky grey hairs that sneak up on you! For a quick colour corrector use 1000 Hour Root Cover-upIt's quick and easy and will blend away grey hair. It also requires no water and easily shampoos out!

Midday pick me up
We have all experienced a midday slump and it usually results in reaching for a chocolate bar. Instead, make yourself a big cup of Natural Health Company Skinny Bean Coffee. It will not only give you a great energy boost but has natural fat burning ingredients. Bonus – one standard-sized cup of Skinny Bean is actually equivalent to the strength of 1.5 cups of standard coffee – winning! You can now gain more motivation to smash your tasks without ruining your summer body goals!

Time is of the essence so you must be prepared! These key products will supercharge your emergency beauty bag and keep you looking fabulous throughout the day.