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The best hair products for in-between salon visits

When those pesky grey hairs and dark regrowth start coming through 2 weeks out from your next hair dressing appointment, how much do you freak out? Ask us and we’ll tell you it’s a lot! Salt and pepper should always stay a condiment in the cupboard, not a tragedy on your head. It doesn’t help when you’ve called your hairdressers and they’re booked out for the next 2 weeks as well. But did you know there is actually a whole stack of products out there specifically dedicated to helping you cover up your roots as they grow out? Who would’ve thought that so much help is just a few steps and a couple of dollars away?!

As silly as it sounds, regrowth and grey hairs can be super embarrassing and can cause plenty of unwarranted stress. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the monthly salon visit or maybe you’re just lacking in the time department, below you’ll find some super handy tips on keeping your hair looking like you’ve just stepped fresh out of the salon.

1000 Hour offers 3 different hair touch up products to help the needy gals and guys with hair woes. Depending on your preference of application and time available take your pick from below. These little beauties are essential to perfectly blend and cover up hair regrowth and camouflage the first signs of greys.

Each style comes in 4 colours: black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown – making it suitable for all hair colours and types. Also calling all men because these products are also fab for covering up grey or patchy facial hair. Don’t be frightened away by pink, girly packaging!

NEW 1000 Hour Root Cover Up
This version of hair cover up is in powder form and comes with an applicator brush so no grubby fingers for you! It conceals problem areas instantly so no more stressing for anyone. The Root Cover Up offers 60 applications per kit, is water resistant and also contains no waxes of dyes. So don’t stress, you wont be left with straw like hair anytime soon.

1000 Hour Hair Colour Mascara
The 1000 Hour Hair Colour Mascara is more suited for those with thinner hair or if you’re only fresh on the salt and pepper block. Use the wand to directly apply to the area in need, using light short strokes until all regrowth has disappeared. It easily washes out with shampoo so don’t fret if you’ve gone a bit over board.

1000 Hour Hair Colour Stick
For those with a little more time in the morning the 1000 Hour Hair Colour Stick, is applied the exact same way, however, water is first added to the stick to create more of a paste. Also super handy for those with a little more salt and pepper than wanted on top – the Hair Colour Stick will cover larger areas of grey or re-growth. It is perfect to use on the scalp where it becomes most visible.


Off you go with dazzling hair you good thing you. No more bi-monthly salon visits for anyone!