Summer-proof yourself with our top beauty hacks for water babes

Summer proof yourselfWe’re all going on a summer holiday…OK, maybe we’re not all going on holidays, but we can definitely make the most of those extra public holiday days, as well as the longer balmy summer evenings, to enjoy everything this time of year has to offer – we’re thinking cocktails by the pool, BBQs at the beach, zoopa doopas under the sprinkler. You get the idea.

Did you notice the theme to our summer holiday activities wish-list? Yep, they all involve water. After all, what’s summer without some splash. We are well aware however, that water and looking our best, don’t always go hand-in-hand. So, we’ve pulled together some quick beauty hacks to help keep you looking ‘water babe’ and not ‘water logged’.

Say goodbye to mascara
Before you panic! There is a way you can have long, luscious lashes without the risk of them running down your face when you swim. Here’s how – and there’s something for everyone.

1. False lashes
Although it doesn’t seem practical or socially acceptable to apply fake lashes just to go to the beach, we do understand the dreaded feeling of appearing ‘lash nude’ if mascara has become a part of your daily routine. 

1000 Hour lashes are great for an instant confidence boost. The individual lashes are perfect for giving your natural lashes subtle length and thickness, plus have the added bonus of people thinking they are natural. Stick with short or medium to keep people guessing. 
2. DIY Eyelash Kit
For something a little more permanent why not try dying your lashes and brows. 1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit is an easy DIY eyelash and brow tint. In three easy steps you could have defined lashes and brows that give you a natural, but more defined look. It’s waterproof, safe and easy to apply plus comes in four colours you suit everyone. 
3. Grow your own lashes
Yes, really! 1000 Hour Xpress Lash-Gro Eyeliner will improve the look of your lashes by improving both the length and thickness in 4-8 weeks. Apply a single line to the base of your lashes, as you would regular eyeliner, knowing you look great plus all the while are enhancing your lashes too – and it’s not just an illusion, it really works! 
Stay hydrated 
We don’t just mean drink lots of water, although this is important! Adding moisture back into our lips is also important as they are constantly exposed to the environment. Packed with soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E, Revo Lip Balm helps to temporarily protect dry, chapped or wind burned lips, leaving them softer and smoother. 
Choose your accessories 
When it comes to water sports, or summer generally (think extra perspiration during workouts) not all hair ties are created equal. Gliders Non Slip Sports Bands are a perfect choice. They are waterproof, non-slip and designed for all hair types. Plus, they wont rip your hair out when wet either. If you’re looking for something pretty, we also love Gliders Soft Ties, but don’t forget to pop them in the wash after wearing (we place ours in a lingerie bag for safe keeping). 
With these beauty hacks, plus the fact that sunshine and blue skies equal a gorgeous smile (plus a healthy dose of Vitamin D) you’ll be ready to take on the world - or at least the beach.