Sponge secrets you need to know

It’s official, sponges have really taken over and there’s no looking back now – these little miracles are not going to leave our sights anytime soon! In fact, the sponge generation has only just begun and they are proving to be a total game changer.

Not only are sponges revolutionising the make-up world, but they have also added a whole new dimension of creativity, allowing for a flair of individuality and the ability to create so many looks with so much versatility in each and every sponge.

Now you could be a total newbie to makeup sponges or you could have joined the fan club right from the beginning, but either way, there are some super secrets to sponges you absolutely need to know!

1. Sponges need a little TLC; we promise you a dirty sponge won’t work.
So this is where we need to be kind to our little sponge pals… While we recommend washing your sponges under warm water with the Real Techniques Cleansing Gel once every week and then allowing time to air dry, you also need to replace your sponge every three months. This will ensure your sponge functions to its top potential for that special occasion you have coming up.

2. You multi-task all the time, so why expect anything less of your beauty tools?
The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge has actually been designed as a 3-in-1 sponge to maximise makeup efficiency with a unique design for flawless coverage. Buffing foundation, concealer-away those blemishes and blush application at your fingertips.

Another sneaky winner in our eyes is the Real Techniques Mini Erasers, where the question is more, what can’t you do with them? The versatility of these mini sponges is limitless. From flaking mascara to eye shadow fall out, applying concealer or erasing makeup mishaps, these beauties are a great addition to your sponge wardrobe.

3. You need more than one sponge in your life.
Using a million different products on the one sponge means your products won’t work as effectively as you need for that sleek look. Different shades and types of products are sure to negatively impact on makeup application performance.
Treat your sponges like brushes and minimise mixing unless it’s intended. Instead, collect a range of different sponges and shapes available. But if you really had to choose just one, we totally love the new Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Diamond Sponge – how could you go wrong with 13 different facets?!

4. Grow your wings, let yourself fly.
Ok, not literally, but if you can fly you can teach us ;) Back to sponges, here’s a great little trick. Sometimes we’re in such a rush to get out the door and fly to work aren’t we? Take a deep breath, slow down; we don’t need to rush everything in life. Try moistening your sponge and leaving it to sit for a few minutes to allow full absorption and expansion of the sponge before use (especially for liquid products) and only leave dry for full coverage powders.
Trust – you’ll notice a HUGE difference, it’s fun to watch how big they grow. This is something we love doing especially with the new EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo – made from 70% plant-based materials. Wet away, go get dressed or brush your teeth, then you’ll be ready to go go go!

5. Dab don’t rub.
Seriously, your skin will love you for a bit of dabbing. Avoid rubbing at all costs. Don’t be tempted to drag sponges across your face like you would do with a brush, this is a big no-no. This will only cause damage and ages your skin, and you’ll also never be able to create the flawless look you envisioned. We love dabbing the Real Techniques Sculpting Sponge to help create shadows or contour and highlight our fave facial features.

We hope you picked up a few new sponge secrets today that will totally transform your entire makeup routine. It’s no wonder sponges have gained such a massive cult following, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there is no better time than now!