Our tips on having the best girls night in

Girls night in

A girls night in with your besties is always fun, but to make it even better, this month you can have a girls’ night in to support Cancer Council.

A girls night in often consists of lots of laughs, lots of fun and lots of pretending you’re much younger than you are so here are our tips to having the best girls night in by pampering yourselves to salon treatments from home. Mani and Pedis
Believe it or not, there is a way to get a salon treatment from home and with help of your besties, it’s even better! You can’t have a mani without the pedi, so here is how you can get both.  

Dr Teal’s Epson Salt Soaking Solution, although ideal as a full body scrub, can be used for your feet and legs. Just fill up a bucket of warm water big enough to fit your feet in, fill with one cup of Dr Teal’s Epson Salt Soaking Solution and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

Finish off by applying Softsole Express Exfoliating Foot Peel to remove any excess skin leaving your feet soft and smooth.

1000 Hour are here to help with a wide range of nail tools to help give your friends the perfect manicure and pedi to match.  Try the 4-way Buffing Block, or the Professional Nail File to help shape and smooth your nails with ease.

Take turns relaxing while the others can spend the time painting your nails or doing your hair, or even soak your feet while watching an episode of your fave TV show.

Makeover madness!
Pair up and take turns in giving each other crazy makeovers. No matter how old you are, playing hairdressers is always a good idea. Whether you use it to get creative or simply make your friends look foolish so you can have a good laugh, we’ve got some ways to bring out your inner stylist.

Try curling each other’s hair using Freestyle Bendy Rollers or Self Grip Velcro rollers.  Or try clip in hair extensions by Vixen to create something a little different.

Then do each other’s make up, or do your own and have a prize for the best make up application. Real Techniques and Ecotools have a range of make up brushes that’ll make for a perfect application.

Give your lashes and brows the love they deserve!
If by chance some of you happened to miss your latest appointment at the salon, fear no more because all you need is your girls and the right tools.

1000 Eyelash and Brow Kit is a DIY kit designed for easy application and will give you darker lashes and brows allowing you to leave the house without feeling like you need to apply mascara.

Finish off by giving your lashes the perfect curl with 1000 Hour Heated Eyelash Curler.  Easy to use by yourself, but why not sit back and relax and have one of your friends do it for you.

Make the most of your girls night in.

Have fun ladies!