Mastering the Tapered Shadow

We all want to know the secret ingredient to perfectly sculpted eye makeup. And here it is…PRECISION! That’s right, precision is key and all you need is the perfect eye shadow brush. Yes, and once again we’ve got the goods to help you achieve a precise, yet seamless finish!

Now, there are sooo many different brushes out there that claim to give you professional results, but no brush will be as helpful as this new and shiny beauty! That’s right, we’re super excited about the newest addition to the Bold Metals Collection, the Tapered Shadow Brush from Real Techniques.

This brush has the perfect precision cut for the seamless eye shadow application you are looking for. The tapered cut of the bristles beautifully hugs the crease of your eyelid, contouring with precision for perfection! The brush also picks up product effortlessly with its irresistibly soft bristles. What more could you wish for!

It is oh so important to remember to blend, blend, blend your shadows to create that seamless look! Here are some tips to ensure you master the perfect shadow. 

  • Experiment with colour! Go ahead and find the perfect colour combination that compliments your eye colour and complexion.
  • Apply shadows to suit your eye shape. Some eye shapes may need a little more definition in certain areas to achieve the perfect look.
  • There are several forms of eye shadow so choose the formula that is right for you! Cream, loose and pressed shadows all work in different ways and provide different looks. Pick the one that suits the look you are going for!
  • Blend using gentle motions to gradually combine the colours and soften harsh lines.
  • Find your crease by tilting your head up and looking down into the mirror!
  • Keep darker shades closer to the lash line.
  • Use lighter shades in the inner corner to brighten your look.
  • Make sure you are using the right brush for the right application. Don’t forget – the Bold Metals Collection actually has four types of eye brushes, each designed for a different purpose, so ensure that you are using the correct brush to achieve the results you are looking for!


So there you have it, the secret to a precise yet seamless shadow as well as some tips for the perfect look. Grab your brushes and shadow away, why not add some beautiful bronze for an autumn trend look. You will be sure to master the perfect look with your new expert insight!