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Master this super easy braiding tutorial

It can be so easy to get stuck in a hairstyle rut doing the same style day in and day out. Jealous of seeing some great braids and hairstyles out there? Even if you think you’re the least skilled do-er in the world it's time to roll up your sleeves and try some new braid trends out today!

You’ll be surprised that although some braided styles can look intimidating and time-consuming, there are actually loads of super easy styles that you can wrap your fingers around at home. With intricate loops and confusing crisscrossing we understand that braiding can be one of the more intimidating styles of the century. But don’t worry; we’re here to send your braiding fears well on their way.

Step 1 – Free the knots
The most important step of them all. After all you can’t begin doing your hair with knots galore. Grab your Freestyle Naturals Large Round Brush to brush out all those tangles. This brush is specially designed to withstand high temperatures so if you’re blow-drying your hair first this is the perfect brush to get those locks nice and smooth. The bristles are also specially designed to stimulate the scalps natural hair emollients so you’ll be left with fresh and healthy hair.

Step 2 – Start simple
We are here to keep it nice and easy but super stylish for you. Before we get the hair twisting, spray it lightly with Freestyle’s Home Salon Water Sprayer. This will help to bind the braids whilst you are doing them and will allow you to get a tighter hold. Now for the best part. Start your braids by splitting your hair in two separate parts however your part falls. Tie one half to the side so it doesn’t get caught up in the opposite side.

Step 3 – Get those fingers twisting
Now that you have your first half ready to go grab your Freestyle Home Salon Tail Comb and separate a small piece of your hair right next to the part and split it into three even sections. This comb can be really helpful for grabbing small pieces of hair and bringing them into your braid as you go. Now cross the right strand over the top of the middle strand and then do the same with the left strand crossing it over the middle. Again cross the right strand over the middle, this time picking up a new section of hair and adding it in so that both are crossed over the middle strand. Repeat this action until you have reached the last bit of loose hair then continue to the bottom of your hair with a normal plait and secure with Gliders Snag Free Hair Elastics. PS just incase… don’t forget to repeat on the other half of your head too ;)

If you’re looking for an even more fab braid look you can try crisscrossing the hair in the opposite direction. So instead of going over the top you’re feeding the hair underneath the middle loop to create an outie braid (technical term of course).

Step 4 – Touch up the masterpiece
Unless you’re Kim Kardashian there’s a high chance that you’ll have some stray hairs flailing here and there. If so, grab some Freestyle Professional Bobby Pins for a long lasting, strong hold and secure any loose bits. Pro tip – if you don’t want your bobby pins to be seen interrupting the fabulousness of your new do, then try half sliding in the bobby pin and then as your sliding the other half in tuck the pin under your hair. Ta da – invisible bobby pins!

Now you have all the skills to be a braiding extraordinaire! No need to shy away from this style because you now have a master how-to to keep you on track. Happy braiding beauties.