Lip Perfection! Why it’s important to do your lips right and on-trend this autumn

What better way to transform your face and whole look with a nice pop of colourful lipstick. It’s time to tuck away your favourite summer berry coloured lippy and make room for the newest on trend colour. With autumn here, we’re shaking up our lipstick faves and throwing in a pop of orange! Ground breaking right – orange in autumn. Although you can’t go wrong with a classic red or pink lip we think its time to mix it up and take the edgier road – rock the orange trend!

Here are our top tips for wearing orange lipstick:

1. Stick to your skin tone
If you have a paler complexion, a yellow or neon tinged orange will wash you out and trust us – it is not a good look. You’re best off with a pink toned orange to brighten your face and draw attention in the best way possible. Coral and salmon shades look good on everyone – it’s universal beauty law.
If you have a darker skin tone we suggest heading for a really bright orange – if you’re going to make a statement with orange why not go all out! Don’t be scared to rock a brighter colour, if anything everyone will love that your not opting for a paler autumn shade and you’ll be the centre of all lip envy!

2. Test out shades first
You’re not going to buy the first car you test drive so why feel stuck with the first lip colour you try. When it comes to orange lipstick chances are you aren’t going to choose the best colour first off. If you do then luck is on your side. But feel free to test the waters – try sampling colours in store, professionals are always willing to help.

3. Matte is your friend
If you’re wanting to go for a more appropriate day time look try using a matte lip colour so you’re not blinding everyone in the office with you high shine gloss ;)

Does it matter what lip brush is used you ask? Absolutely! You don’t want to be left with streaky lips or all of your product left on the brush. Makeup professionals all agree that to get the best look you have to start with the rights tools. With a fab lip brush to do the job there’s no way your lips will be looking drab. We recommend trying the Real Techniques new Lip Colour + Blur Duo. OReal Techniques Retractable Lip Brush – it’s also super handy when you’re on the go and need a lip touch up.


Real Techniques Lip Colour + Blur
The lip colour + blur brushes are designed for easy application of on-trend lip looks and effects. Pus two brushes in one set - bonus! Use with lipstick, lip stain, or gloss. Lip brush: Ultra-firm, precision tapered tip expertly lines for added definition. Lip blur brush: Rounded delicate texture helps create a soft focus look.

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush
This is perfect for on-the-go lipstick application, so it makes for the perfect tool for touch ups throughout the day or night.  This brush helps to line and define to create the perfect lip and can be used to apply your lipstick, lip-gloss or lip stain. With an ultra-firm tapered tip, application is very smooth and neat giving true lip definition. 

With all this orange talk we’re just about to buy out every orange lipstick under the sun and jump on board. We can’t wait to add this trend to our autumn beauty look.