Lash 101 – mastering the eyelash applicator in 5 simple steps!

1000 Hour Lash 101Move over diamonds, LASHES are a girls’ new best friend! There’s no better feeling than stepping out onto the street and batting your luscious eyelashes for the world to see. However, some of us may be a little fearful to take the step and apply false lashes on our own. If this sounds like you, then fear not because your lash dreams are about to become a reality!

The key to simple and easy application is quality products and of course, lots of practice! 1000 Hour has the perfect products for you to create the lash style you desire. With just these 5 simple steps you will be a pro in no time.

Step 1:
Line your lash line using your favourite eyeliner. 1000 Hour Xpress Lash-Gro Liner is great as it not only glides on effortlessly, but is also clinically proven to plump your natural lashes – bonus!

Our beauty expert here at Chemcorp, Rachel Brook, suggests that wearing a liner on your top lash line helps to blend in and hide the lash band.

Step 2:
Grab your 1000 Hour Peek-A-Boo Lashes and 1000 Hour Eyelash Applicator for the main event! Peek-A-Boo Lashes are a great set of strip lashes that give a natural look – not to mention, they are Rachel’s personal favourite!

Place the strip lash into the applicator. This will give you full control when applying to your lash line.

Step 3:
Using the hyper-allergenic adhesive glue provided in the packet, apply along the band of the lashes. Allow 20 – 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky before you try to apply the lashes.

Step 4:
Attach the false lashes to your natural lashes by placing the strip as close to the lash line as possible. Try securing the middle first then the ends. The applicator allows you to gently squeeze the lashes together.

*Don’t panic about the glue being white, it dries clear!

Step 5:
Allow for the glue to dry for a minute before continuing applying the rest of your makeup. It is up to you if you wish to put mascara on. Applying mascara will help blend your natural and false lashes together.

Ta da! You have now mastered the art of applying false lashes and are ready to conquer the world!

For more, see Rachel Brook’s tutorial on how to apply false lashes.