How to give your makeup brushes a fresh start

Happy New Year beauties! We have all heard (and definitely used) the saying “New Year, new me” whether or not we’ve actually done it. With the New Year well and truly kicking into gear we know you’re all ready to have a fresh and positive attitude on the year ahead. But what about your beloved makeup brushes? They deserve a fresh start just as much as you do.

Let’s start with a quick little ‘did you know’ shall we… Did you know that you’re actually supposed to wash your makeup brushes once a week? So, if you aren’t already cleaning them regularly, now is the time to start and we’ve got all the best tools to show you how.

If you haven’t already invested in a quality make-up brush cleaner, we have two options for you. Our much-loved Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel is among the most popular with makeup artists. To make your life even easier Real Techniques offer a Brush Cleansing Palette – gone are the days of using your hand. And for the nature-lover? EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo is a hypoallergenic, eco-conscious cleanser made with gentle plant-based ingredients.

Now for the How To:

Step 1
Squeeze a small amount of the brush cleansing gel of your choice onto the brush cleansing palette, add a small amount of warm water to the tip of your brush.

Step 2
Swirl the brush in the palette, mixing the warm water and the gel. Sweep the brush across the various surfaces until it is clean and give your brush a good rinse. Be careful not to completely immerse the base of the bristles in water. Squeeze out any excess water.

Step 3
Leave your brushes to dry across the surface of the palette or anywhere out of the way.

As well as being super easy to do, regular cleaning of your brushes allows for optimal performance and will allow your brushes to live out the New Year with you.

Now that you’ve got the freshest brushes in town you’ll be back to sculpting, powdering and pampering like the professional you are!