How to get the look in five short minutes

Ecotools brushesIt’s so easy to find an excuse to stay in bed for an extra five minutes. Whether it was a late night, early start or you just don’t want to get up and face the winter chill. But most of the time we will regret those warm and cosy five minutes when it is time to go!

Thanks to these five less minutes, we are always looking for ways to race against the clock and get ourselves ready and out the door! A helpful tip to try and get back those five minutes include being organised and having a routine, like setting out your clothes for the next day before you get into bed so that you don’t waste any time freaking out that you have nothing to wear!

And to organise your beauty routine… Keep all the products that you use on a daily basis together and in the same spot so that you know where they are and can access them quickly and easily. Try and go through the same steps in the same order each morning because as they say, practice makes perfect, and you will be sure to have a gorgeous daily look complete in no time at all!

Here are some extra tips and a beauty routine for you to get the effortless look in five short minutes:

Step 1:
Using your favourite skin care products, cleanse and moisturise your skin before applying any makeup. While we do want to be ready quickly, we don’t want to cause any harm to our skin.

Step 2:
Apply your favourite base! Whether it is a BB cream or foundation, even out your skin tone keeping a natural look. Using the EcoTools Stippling Brush, you can easily apply liquids and powers.

Step 3:
Take your favourite concealer along with the EcoTools Concealer Brush to cover up any spots or blemishes as you wish.

Step 4:
Using the EcoTools Powder Brush, apply a small amount of bronzer under your cheekbones and some blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will brighten up your skin and keep you looking fresh as a daisy!

Step 5:
Next, using the Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush, add a natural coloured eye shadow to your whole eyelid. Then with the Eco Tools Angled Liner Brush take a darker colour shadow, or gel liner, and line your top lash line to define your eyes.

Step 6:
Lastly, add a stroke of mascara and use the Eco Tools Lash & Brow Groomer comb through your brows for your desired shape. Fill in any spares areas using your favourite brow product.

Tick, tick, tick… Five minutes! Done! Off you go beauties – out the door you go. Have a beautiful day!