How to get the best smokey eye look

The smokey eye has built itself up to become a classic look in any beauty junkie’s arsenal. It really has reached a new height of popularity with regular appearances on the red carpet. And with such a classy and prestigious look, are you really that surprised? The beauty about a smokey eye is you can interpret the look any way you want and tailor it to your own personal style – ultimate win!

Smokey eyes can get a little bit complex, this is no 5 minute job after all, so we have simplified your eye routine with some handy tips on how to get the best look for whatever occasion you are heading to.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set is a perfect starting point for all the tools to achieve the perfect smokey eye. It offers 5 brushes to help you achieve the best look every time and obviously it’s not limited to just smokey eye designs.

Step 1
Start with a cream concealer base to lock in your look all day and create a nice smooth surface for you eye shadow.

Step 2
Using the medium shadow brush sweep powder or cream over your lid and into your crease, making sure to blend the colour all over. We recommend using a light brown if you’re going for a darker look or a white/cream/light pink if you’re going for a lighter look.

Step 3
Grab your essential crease brush and with a darker colour than your base, blend into the crease of your eye. Throw in some pinks if you’re all about the colour or some greys, browns and black if you’re going for a more sleek, mysterious look. But make sure not to create any harsh lines – we don’t want to lose the smokey effect now do we?

Step 4
Next, with your shading brush sweep an even darker colour of eye shadow above your crease and blend outwards in line with the end of your eyebrow and the corner of your outer eye.

Step 5
To finish the look off, add some eye liner to your top and bottom lashes using the fine liner brush and pick out your favourite fake lashes if you’re going for the ultimate dramatic smokey eye look. 1000 Hour has you covered with a whole range of fake lashes for any skill level and occasion. Our favourites for this look are the Envious Black or for an even more sultry look, Demure Black.

Let’s finish up with a nice little bonus tip: if you’re into highlighting your eyes grab your medium shadow brush and a nice light or sparkly colour and sweep some powder under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye to make the look pop even more. Have fun, beauties!