How to get instant brows

All hail the holy brow. Who knew that eyebrows could evolve so much to be the most happening beauty trend of the minute – or past 2 years? From the obsession of plucking and waxing your barely there brows in the 90’s to the more natural sparse look of the noughties. We’re now all about bold, well-shaped wow brows. It all started with model Cara Delevingne, and her amazing brows for it to become a worldwide beauty phenomenon.

And now what you’ve been waiting for. What is the next big thing for brows in 2017 you ask? Don’t fret, big and bold is still in but its heading towards a more soft natural feel. We’re predicting the subtler look will take over from the sharp, well-defined arches with a more sophisticated feel to lust over.

We know eyebrow changes can make a huge difference to your face and overall look – any one pluck can leave you looking stunned, irritated or confused until the hair grows back – the horror! Tune in because we’re here to show you how to get the perfect soft, natural and sophisticated look to perfectly frame your face.

To achieve this look, follow these super easy steps and your brows will be the star of the show in no time.

1. Give your brows a shape and brush
If your brows are unruly after a night of tossing and turning in bed or even if they are still looking in prime shape every brow can use a shape and brush. If you have a few hairs out of place or want to clean up your brow look grab your 1000 Hour Lighted Tweezers for precision hair removal, but don’t go too crazy, this isn’t the 90’s after all.

Now to get your brows in shape we recommend EcoTools Lash and Brow Groomer as your go-to tool to effortlessly sweep and tame stray hairs. Use the comb to brush the hairs in short dash-like strokes to imitate the natural shape of your brow.

2. Fill those babies in
If you’re a bit of a beauty fanatic and a lover of fuller brows you probably already do this anyway. It is important to note that to get a more natural look you will need to use a soft amount of pressure. If you’re using a lot of product and creating big thick lines, take a step back from overusing product.

The 1000 Hour Instant Brows is your new best friend, available in light brown/blonde, medium brown, black/dark brown and clear. Depending on the colour of your brows or how dark you want them choose your colour and lightly sweep the gel on in the shape of your brow. Make sure the colour looks similar to your hair so your brows don’t appear too unnatural. If you’re not too big on applying colour to your brows or they’re already so luscious you don’t need any colour the clear Instant Brows would be your best bet.

3. And Voila
You’re now right on trend with the hottest brows of 2017 so channel you’re inner beauty pro and flaunt what you’ve got.


With a little tender love and care your brows have the ability to frame your whole face and amplify your look with minimal makeup. Happy BROWsing beauties!