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How to clean your make up brushes

How often do you actually clean your makeup brushes? The question we all dread, we wrack our brains and can’t even remember the last time… How bad is that?!

Did you know that you’re actually meant to clean your makeup brushes once a week? Yep, that’s every single week! So, if you aren’t already cleaning your brushes regularly, now you have a reason to do so with the new, pretty and super fancy cleaning tools from Real Techniques (you know, the brand responsible for the beautiful Bold Metals brushes we have come to love oh so much!)

Ok, may some of us clean our brushes more often than others; but gone are the days we squirt a little conditioner in the palm of our hand and rub our brushes by hand until the water runs clear!

We encourage you to start cleaning your brushes once a week, you’ll be amazed with the results! After all, great make up application starts with a clean set of brushes! Who knew? Sam and Nic!

That said, it’s time to start saving your conditioner for your hair and invest in the new brush cleansing system that is taking the make up world by storm.

The cleansing system includes a Makeup Brush Cleanser in the form of a gel and a silicone Brush Cleansing Palette. When used together, each brush will return to a soft, luxurious, fresh new feel. All it takes is three simple steps:

Step 1:
Slide hand into the back of the palette and squeeze a small amount of the brush cleansing gel onto the brush. Add warm water to the palette.

Step 2:
Swirl the brush into the gel blending it with the water. Sweep across the various surfaces until the brush is clean. Rinse bristles thoroughly, being careful not to completely immerse the base of the bristles. Squeeze out any excess water.

Step 3:
Rest the brushes across the surface of the palette to dry or place them somewhere out of the way.

It’s that easy! Other than its simplicity, there are other amazing features that make this system the go-to technique for cleaning makeup brushes.

The new Makeup Brush Cleanser is designed for deep cleaning, with the cleansing power of a concentrate. The laboratory proven formula works to effectively remove the makeup you can see and even impurities you can’t see, for a new brush clean; and it contains no alcohol or phthalates and is dermatologically tested for gentleness.

The palette itself is made from high performance grade silicon making it light weight and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It even features multi-textured surfaces that work to gently move between the bristles for an enhanced deep cleansing.

If you want to see the Makeup Brush Cleanser and Brush Cleansing Palette in action, check out this quick tutorial put together by the Real Techniques ladies, Sam and Nic. 

Get cleaning, beauties! You can’t perfect your makeup without perfectly cleaned brushes.