How–to: Autumn makeup

Autumn makeupWhen we think of autumn, we picture beautiful autumn leaves in all shades of oranges and yellows, but what about our make-up? This season there are a few trends we love – but flawless skin, with colour-pops with dark lips or peachy cheeks (one only – not both) with metallic eyes is our crush. Whatever your style might be, we have a step-by-step guide to rocking a fab make-up look this season – with a little help from Real Techniques and EcoTools, of course!

Step 1
Using your foundation brush, begin by applying your preferred foundation. Often in the cooler season this would be a lighter shade to what you would use in summer – sigh! It’s time to say goodbye to that summer-loving tan!

Try to use a foundation with a heavier coverage for an even overall base colour. When applying foundation with your foundation brush, stroke up and down and then side to side in the same area. This is called cross action. By using this technique, coverage will be longer lasting and helps to really seal the foundation into your skin.

Step 2
Applying concealer is essential, and easy with the EcoTools concealer brush, which allows you to apply coverage to those hard to reach places around your eyes and nose. It will also help cover any blemishes!

Step 3
Use a base colour eye shadow and apply using your Real Techniques shadow brush. This brush allows for total coverage all over the eyelid. Be sure to apply some base colour underneath the eye as well.

Step 4
Moving onto your warm brown/metallic eye shadow for a real autumn feel, apply into the sockets of your eyes. The EcoTools eye shading brush is best to give you the accurate results!

Step 5
Using an EcoTools eyeliner brush, apply a darker eye shadow to the top and bottom lash line. This will line the eye to create a deeper, warmer look.

Step 6
To help blend in your liner and receive that flawless finish, use the Real Techniques silicone liner brush and rub against your lashes while applying a darker eye shadow to create a blended look.

Step 7
Good lashes are a must! Apply your preferred mascara ensuring they don’t go clumpy. If you want to really accentuate your eyes, you can apply a natural eyelash – either a strip or individuals. 1000 Hour has a wide range of lashes from natural to dramatic to accompany any look!

Step 8
Finally, using a warm tone shadow and your Real Techniques angled liner brush, apply to your eyebrows to create a sharp, natural line.

Step 9
Creating a dark, dramatic lip is the perfect way to finish off your warm, autumn look. First choose a colour – remember, try to opt for a dark, bold colour – think plum or a deep red or purple.

Apply lip liner first to outline the lip and then to cover your whole top and bottom lip (remember to use a matching colour). Then using your Real Techniques retractable lip brush, apply your lipstick or gloss for that long lasting finish.

Step 10
Last but not least, using your Real Techniques buffing brush, lightly brush a peachy coloured powder over your cheeks, nose and any area you feel needs more coverage. Then using the EcoTools blush brush lightly apply some blush and/or bronzer to your cheek bones. Again, try opt for a warmer shade and not the light pink you might use in summer.

We all have our own make-up style so adding a little something here and there is completely ok. But for those who don’t know where to start, follow this how-to guide and you’ll be ready to leave the house in happy autumn spirit!