Halloween makeup essentials

Will you trick or will you treat? It’s not a tradition we grew up with in Australia but we are definitely all for embracing it. After all, who doesn’t love the chance to get their ghoul or vampire on! There’s so few opportunities to really go all-out when it comes to creative makeup (unless of course you are a special effects or theatrical makeup artist) so make Halloween the time to go wild…along with decking out your house in scary spider webs, carving pumpkins, planning pranks and rounding up the scariest movies you can think of.

No matter what Halloween theme you choose, these essentials will have you covered. So let’s get creative and have some fun!

If you don’t want to go all out with hiring or making a costume, why not try for that crazed just escaped an asylum look – just dishevel your regular clothes (you know, un-ironed, pulled off the shoulder, one leg rolled up…) and add a Cricket Static Free Beauty Cap – Little Black to your messy just-out-of-bed hair.

Once your costume is sorted, it’s onto your makeup. Here’s where that too light foundation you purchased but still have comes in handy! Apply generously over your face, however don’t be tempted to buff – you want it to look obvious and uneven.

Flaking mascara, eye shadow fallout, winged eyeliner gone wrong; whilst on a regular day these would be considered makeup mishaps, for Halloween, they are totally on fleek. So put away those Miracle Complexion Mini Eraser Sponges or use them gently to smudge shadow and mascara under and around the eye area.

Next step is to create a dramatic but fashionable impression on Halloween? The 1000 HOUR Fashion Lashes – Burlesque are not only re-usable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof, but also create stand-out eyes instantly. Adding lashes will complete your Halloween makeup look, in a way that mascara alone can’t do. Take it one step further and check out some blood red contacts for the perfect evil death stare.

Some looks, like the always-popular naughty nurse means you’re hair needs to be up in a perfectly, imperfect bun. The lightweight and easy to use Freestyle Hair Buns are ideal for all hair types. Simply brush hair into a ponytail and secure with Gliders Snag Free Hair Elastics. Thread the ponytail through the hair bun and slide to the base. Wrap and twist the hair around the hair bun, and secure with Freestyle Home Salon – Professional Bobby Pins. Then loosen a few strands and colour with Vixen Hair Chalk in red to fly wildly around your face.

And finally… if you’ve gone to the extreme of using makeup or temporary colour on your teeth to make them look ‘rotted’ then can we suggest you add Rapid White Triple Action Tooth Whitening Booster Gel to your beauty routine following Halloween to ensure your beautiful white smile returns.

Halloween 2016 is fast approaching, so it’s definitely time to have these essentials ready to use. We hope you have the HAPPIEST (or should we say scariest?) Halloween yet!

PS: Don’t forget to pick up some extra candy for those trick or treaters!