Hair tie style file

Gliders hair tiesYep, we’re talking hair ties, and we know what you’re thinking…a hair tie is a hair tie – we don’t need an entire blog on the topic…right? And that’s exactly why we do.

There are actually a lot of hair ties to choose from and not all are created equal. In many instances they are the type of product that sell on ‘the cheaper the better’ but we’ve all experienced the inconvenience of a snapped hair tie (always just at the start of a gym session!) or felt like we were ripping half of our hair out trying to extract one from a ponytail.

Thankfully we’re here to tell you that breaking, hair-ripping ties can be a thing of the past. All you need to know is Gliders. Premium quality hair bands in a variety of styles suited to different hair needs (just like choosing your shampoo and conditioner).

How to choose your perfect hair tie:
Your hair type should play a role in your choice of hair tie. Thick hair requires a tie that features enough give to wrap a few times and hold securely without losing elasticity. It shouldn’t be a one-wear item. Those with fine hair can opt for a petite tie in the Gliders range.

Classic ties
Gliders Premium Metal Free Ponytail Holders have ties to suit both hair types – and they are designed to secure the hair whilst avoiding the tangling and pulling that often occurs when using metal hair ties.

Ideal for all activities (but don’t stop reading here because we’ve got some other great options to share too) these bands come in an array of colours including natural black, blonde and brown to match most hair colours. Plus, because they are so popular, these ties come in packs of six.

Get funky
Snag Free Hair Elastics 30pc, with a diameter of only 4 or 2mm, are perfect for the firm hold of small sections of hair. Think multiple braids or intricate designs – if you need some #inspo we love @hairromance. These elastics will not tangle or pull so hair is never damaged. Being 100% waterproof, these elastics are suitable for any activity and easily return to the original shape after sliding out of the hair. Available colours: black, pastels, pink, silver and clear.

Double duty pretty softies
OK we know we can’t pick favourites, but if we could, these might be it. Sssh! Gliders Softies are our go-to hair tie and we’re pretty sure once you try them they’ll be yours too. Made from soft silk-like (but stretchy) fabric, these ties are the perfect accessory whether your hair is up or down. You’ll always have one to hand because they look just as cute on your wrist as they do in your hair. Double duty – we like!

Like all ties in the range they are designed to support any hairstyle and provide excellent hold without tugging or damaging hair. Available in packs of 5 in super-cool Candy Crush, party-perfect Neon Glam and pretty-as-a-picture Pastel Party.

For the active beauties
There’s no way you’d hit the gym without a hair tie to get you through your workout; well, except for that time your cheap one snapped! It’s definitely no fun running or doing any active workout with hair flicking you in the face.

It’s also not fun when you pull that hair tie out after your session to find it drenched with sweat – especially if it’s the only one you have and you’re on your way to work. Gliders Non-Slip Sports Bands are for you. These non-toxic and static free rubber-like hair ties provide an extra firm hold on your hair and are non-slip making them perfect for any sport, including water sports. Match your hair tie to your gym gear with six colours including black, brown, maroon, navy blue, pink and purple. Just wash them down in the shower with you!

Move over YouTube, there’s a new tube in town!
Ok so maybe we can allow for both tubes in our life, but if you can only pick one, make it Gliders Tubes Ponytail Holders. Available in large or small, these microfiber ties are soft and comfortable and are perfect for thick hair as they wont break or permanently stretch when securing your mane. Like all Gliders hair ties, these are metal free and prevent hair breakage or damage. These are available in black, pastels or an assorted pack. Hot tip: if you like to sleep with your hair up, these are a great, soft option for bedtime.

Velvet chic
Looking for something a little more sophisticated to accessories with work or evening fashion? The luxury Gliders Velvet Collection is the ultimate grown-up hair tie. The band is finished with high-tech velvet material that feels soft and smooth, while still providing a firm, superior hold to keep hair sleek and chic.

Get girly with ribbons and bows!
They may not be your everyday, every occasion type of hair tie but they definitely need to make a guest appearance every now and again. The Gliders Twin Bows feature a cute fixed bow that wont slide off making it the perfect way to jazz up your pony. Available in pink, purple and yellow - make a statement the simple way!

With so many ties to choose from, we can understand if you need to pick more than one...and even wear them all in one day – gym, work, dinner, bed.