Get ready for your weekend away with these travel essentials

Springtime is an excuse to escape reality and have some down time by treating yourself to some time away. But, thinking about packing can leave you pulling your hair out– not just ensuring your bag is underweight but ensuring you have everything you need while away from home. Here are some travel essentials you can’t go without:

1.    Apply your make up the right way!
While your regular makeup routine might involve using all 32 of your brushes, travelling may not give you this luxury. If is the case, try taking a smaller travel set such as Ecotools 6pc Brush Set. Small enough to fit nicely in your bag and still includes the essential brushes required for everyday make up application.

2.    Let’s get things straight!
Your time away may involve endless days laying on the white sands of an exotic beach, and styling your hair may not be necessary. But you still want to be prepared, right? Of course you do, so travel light with a mini hair straightener such as Cricket Friction Free Mini Flat Iron. Ideal to squeeze into your suitcase or even your handbag.

3.    Tweeze please!
Believe it or not, tweezers are a multi-purpose tool and you should never make the mistake of leaving them behind. They make for the perfect tool for applying false lashes, plucking away those unwanted hairs and even non-beauty related tasks such as removing splinters. The 1000 hour grip tweezers are a perfect tool to use on-the-go, partnered with a hands free mirror by 1000 Hour, you can be plucking away at all times of the day.

4.    Fold and fly!
Don’t feel the need to have to pack all of your favourite styling brushes that take up loads of space in your bag – we have an alternative.

The Freestyle Hard Cushion Travel Frizz Control Brush is ideal to take away with you anywhere you go.  In your handbag, or in the side pocket of your suitcase, the fold and travel brush will save some space for the more important things; you know, like make up and shoes.

5.  Pucker up!
The cool weather leaves our skin dry and damaged; this includes our lips. They often lack moisture and require us to give them a little extra attention. Repairing lip balms such as REVO Lip Balms are a must-have to ensure our lips are given the attention they so often need.

Make packing easy with these few things.