Essential tools for dyeing your hair at home

Feeling a little dull this winter but don’t want to spend all that time, money and effort of going to the salon? A little refresh can brighten your mood and give your locks some new life. 
To start you off on the right foot, we’re giving you the essential tools to make dyeing your hair at home a breeze. So just choose your colour and get to work!

Where does the time go?
The first step starts way before you actually get the dyeing kit out. So much of hair dyeing is timing! If it’s too short, the colour won’t be as vibrant/light/dark as you want, but if it’s left in too long you can end up with your hair falling out. That’s why we’ve got Freestyle’s Home Salon Timer so you can set the ideal time to create the ultimate colour. Prep the timer before you start so you’re not fiddling around while doing your hair.

Prep those locks.
Often home dyeing jobs can look a bit blotchy and uneven; after all, dying your hair yourself is hard. Sectioning your hair is essential; especially if your hair is long – this helps to create a nice beautiful even colour. We recommend Freestyle Home Salon Light-weight Pro-Clips. These little babies will hold your hair back better than any flimsy clips, making your life oh so much easier.  

Colour perfect!
Once your hair is nicely prepped and sectioned, pop your chosen hair dye in the Freestyle Home Salon Tint Bowl. Make sure you’ve got your Freestyle Home Salon Gloves at the ready when your dye is mixed to avoid stained hands or (eek!) clothes. Start by applying the dye to the roots, working through to the ends with the Freestyle Tint Brush to get the perfect colour all through your hair.

After Care
Brushing your hair when it’s dry can be such a drag. If you’re one of the lucky ladies with curls it can mean one thing – frizz! It makes sense to detangle when wet but so many brushes can damage your hair if you try, definitely not what you want. Just grab your Freestyle Brush Collection Wet Dry Detangler.  This beauty has especially been designed to be gentle on wet hair so your new colour looks great on your soft, silky hair.

Style your hair the way you like and ta-da beauties! A new colour to jazz up your locks this winter.