Cool school style!

Cool School styleNothing quite kick starts the real New Year like ‘back to school’. It signals holidays are over, the end of summer is not too far away and a general back to daily routine. 

So the last thing you want to add to that motivational list above is morning hair dramas. And, whilst we can’t extend holidays or summer, we can definitely make sure that morning hair prep is a breeze. 

Schoolies is every parent who has a school-aged daughter’s best friend. The entire range is high-quality and durable (it has to survive school kids after all) as well as uniform matching, and comes in everything from the basic Schoolies Budget Petites Ponytail Holders to Schoolies Ribbon Bows – there’s something for everyone and every age. 

But in today’s social age, with kids having more access to what’s on trend than ever before, there may be no settling for just ordinary hair (or hair bands). If your daughter’s favourite site just happens to be something like Hair Romance, the latest additions to the Schoolies range will see them stepping through the school gates in style! Or even getting the double tap like before they arrive!

Schoolies Soft Ties
This is a new take on the standard hair tie. Made from silky stretch ribbon material, Soft Ties eliminate the need for a hair tie and a ribbon by combining the two. Also, this is the hottest way to make wearing hair ties on your wrist look fashionable for a change. The Soft Ties make for the perfect wrist accessory – bonus!

Schoolies Velvets
Metal free, and made for more stretch, these hair ties are suitable for all hair types, especially those blessed with the thickest of hair. The velvet material also allows greater comfort, and look sleek too.

Schoolies Sports Bands
Finally the perfect hair-tie for our sporty sweet beings! The new Schoolies Sports Bands are 100% waterproof making them the ideal band for swimmers, and other activities that get you sweaty. They are also non-toxic, static free, non-slip and provide a firm hold – perfect for general outdoor activities.

 All of these new ranges come in the same great selection of colours to make them cool, but compatible with school uniforms, whether it be summer, winter or sports uniforms. Colours include:

  •  Groovey Green
  • Kool Blue
  • Krazy Brown
  • Mad Maroon
  • Radical Red
  • Real Dark Blue
  • Unreal Gold (yellow)
  • Wicked Black

Back to school made easy with Schoolies, what are you waiting for, beauties!