Chalk your way to Summer hair trends

Calling all trendsetters near and far! If you’re feeling a little bit creative with your hair or even a little bit crazy, we have a few new trends to share with you. And what better time to change up your hair, than in the New Year.

Are you curious yet? Well, the rainbow and pastel coloured hair trend is not going anywhere. Hair is one of the first things someone notices about you, so why not draw attention in the best kind of way. Think bright, vibrant, temporary and the best part… You don’t have to spend hours at the salon! Vixen Hair Graffiti Vibrant Hair Colour Chalks has you covered.

Let’s start with a little ‘how to’ on applying chalks to your hair:
-First, put on the disposable gloves included in the pack.
-Select a small section of the hair, spray with water and apply the chalk in downward strokes.
-Continue with the rest of the hair until you are satisfied with the amount of colour applied.

Now onto the best new trends to try with out, with our hair chalks. We’ve done all the hard work for you and sorted them into styles for lighter hair and some for dark, you’re welcome beauties.

For lighter hair:
For all you blondes, strawberry blondes, red heads or light browns out there a vibrant rainbow look could be for you, and why not go all out? For that all out cool-girl look we recommend using a few different colours. Our faves are Tropical Citrus, Vivacious Violet, Fiesta Fuchsia and Egyptian Blue.

If you’re not down for the rainbow look we suggest going for a daintier look with powder pink colour. To achieve this look use a lesser amount of Showgirl Pink and blend it throughout your hair for a very girly, show stopping look.

For darker hair:
If you’re one of those girls with black hair thinking that all these new trends sound fab well don’t we have an awesome one for you. The Violet black hair trend can be achieved using Vivacious Violet to make you hair shine. If you’re feeling even more creative try blending in a bit of Nautica Blue.

Rainbow ombré is perfect for people looking to stun with a vibrant new hair look. For darker colours, blues and purples are your best bet. We recommend starting out with Midnight Sky chalk, working into the Vivacious Violet and fading out into Nautica Blue for the best rainbow ombré look.

So whether you’re feeling the rainbow vibes, ombré hues or powder pinks, we’ve got you covered with this summers hottest trends.