Beauty hack your way to the perfect brow

There’s a reason brows continue to be ‘the’ beauty boom of recent years – perfectly groomed brows work to frame your face and enhance your overall look. This is no passing trend beauties – so, it’s time to up your brow game! All you need to remember is that brows do need a little TLC but we promise the beauty benefits are worth it.

We’re not here to persuade you to move away from your tried and tested brow wax, or the current on-trend threading for grooming and shaping – we want to talk about those in-between salon visits that have us trying to avoid the mirror. Well, no longer. We’ve got your ultimate brow-how guide to maintaining your look at home.

Brow beauty 101 – we can’t stress the importance of investing in a good pair of tweezers!

1000 Hour offer a range of tweezers from grip tweezers (these are better used to apply false lashes, but if you have them handy, they will work) to lighted tweezers which provide a spotlight to help remove even the finest hairs. But for precise grooming, we can’t go past precision eyebrow tweezers which are designed with a slanted tip for precise control when grooming your brows. Once you find your pair, use them on a regular basis to pluck any strays before they get out of hand.

For our fair or sparse brow beauties, we always recommend adding some colour definition to amp up the impact. Here are a couple of options:


  1. Fill them in with a brow pencil, mascara or powder
    Makeup aficionados you’re probably already doing this, but if not, we do want to take a second to stress that it’s all about technique when going bolder with brows. Strong hard lines are to be avoided at all costs! If you choose the ‘fill-in’ method, your application technique for achieving a natural-looking finish is small, dash-like light strokes to mimic your natural hairs – oh, and make sure the colour perfectly matches your brows.

For those not wanting to take on the brow pencil, or who would prefer something that doesn’t require daily maintenance, there is another quick and easy application option, which also comes at a fraction of the cost of a beauty salon treatment.


  1. 1000 Hour Lash and Brow Dye Kit
    This easy-to-use kit is the best way to keep your brows in the game, and you can do it all at home. Available in black, dark brown, brown black and blue black, the 1000 Hour Lash and Brow Dye Kit is a safe and effective brow solution, with a non-smudge permanent colour. The beauty of this product is that it lasts the life of your lashes and brows, six weeks (or 1000 hours J) and provides 100% grey coverage!

Here’s one last little tip from us. OK, we lied, there are two.

First, always brush your eyebrows just like you do your hair. Try using the 1000 Hour Brow and Lash brush and gently stroke the brows to tame any out of control hairs.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to keep a pocket mirror in your handbag so you can have good brows (and lippie too) everywhere you go. 1000 Hour Hands-Free Mirror is ideal as it lets you touch up your makeup without having to hold the mirror. Bonus!


Welcome to brow wow - where every day is a good brow day.