All the self tanning essentials you need

There is nothing better than a sun-kissed tan to make you feel amazing this drab winter season. Who says you can’t rock that summer glow all year round! It’s amazing that a gentle tan can go a long way. A great way to lift the complexion; brighten the eyes and teeth, and boost a positive mood. Below we have listed all the products you need to maintain beautiful bronzed skin for a winter worthy tan.

Preparation is Key
To achieve a natural flawless tan you need to prepare the skin beforehand. Always remember to exfoliate beauties. This will ensure you get the best results from your self-tanning products. Let’s be real, nobody likes a patchy, uneven colour. Reveal radiant skin with EcoTools Bamboo Loofah, this product will help you exfoliate your body all over. Say goodbye to unwanted dead skin cells to reveal smooth soft skin.

Relax & Unwind
It’s definitely hard to find motivation in winter when all you want to do is stay cosy and warm in bed all day. Set the scene with a beautiful candlelit warm bath and add Dr Teals Body Scrub - Exfoliate & Renew with Lavender. Let the scent of the lavender relax your body and relieve your mind. Pair it with Dr Teals Ultra Body Wash - Sooth & Sleep with Lavender to nourish your skin and aid exfoliation. 

Perfect Tanning Tool
Self-tanning has never been easier with Bodyefex Self Tan Applicator Mitt. It gives you a professional, salon style finish in minutes without that annoying stain on the hands. The mitt is made using a special soft-touch material that helps spread product evenly onto your skin for a smooth, streak free finish.

Little Black Dress
Choosing what to wear after you have fake tanned can be a total hassle. 1000 Hour Little Black After Tan Dress has you covered, so you don’t need to sacrifice any more of your cutest clothing pieces. It’s great because the fabric is lightweight and won’t cling to your skin, double lined in the bust for protection so you don’t need to wear a bra and it comes in a range of different sizes.

Get your tan on beauties! Beat the winter blues and horrible dry, lacklustre skin this cooler month.