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7 steps to mastering the perfect pedi for summer

Hello stocking-free days! Beauties, would it be fair to say we sometimes tend to take our feet for granted? We use them from the minute we swing them out of bed every morning – whether that’s getting active on that morning run, walking, or just standing…sometimes (hmmm, maybe more than sometimes) in shoes that we need to admit are not really all that kind to them. Stiletto peep-toes ring a bell?

Considering all of this, we don’t give them much attention! It’s no wonder some 75% of women have hardened skin on their feet and cracked heels?

With summer fast approaching, it’s especially important we give back before it’s too late. The last thing you need is to be feeling self-conscious when your toes are on display, peeking through open-toed shoes – uh oh! Beauty blunder alert!

It’s not always convenient to get yourself to a salon, so we’ve prepared this 7-step regime to help you achieve the perfect at home pedicure.

We know you’ll love how easy, relaxing and affordable this at-home spa treat is too. Here we go:

Step 1: Firstly, clean your feet thoroughly to remove any dirt and grime.

Step 2: Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes using a large tub filled with lukewarm water and Bathefex Epsom Salt Foot Bath which will soothe and relax tired, overworked feet! The combination of magnesium and sulphate will also absorb into the skin and help soften it – as well as leaving feet smelling sweet (thank you Baking Soda).

Step 3: Pat your feet dry and gently buff away all rough and dead skin using the Ecotools Foot Brush & Pumice. This will help keep callouses to a minimum.

Step 4: Next, restore moisture to your feet using Dr Teals Foot Cream. Make sure you use this step as the perfect opportunity to give yourself a well-deserved foot massage (check out YouTube for some great tutorials). Note: you can use this cream every night before bed to help keep feet soft and smooth.

Step 5: Clip nails to a square shape and gently file to ensure no rough edges that might catch on socks or stockings (just in case you need to pop them on one last time before summer really arrives )

Step 6: Before applying a base coat, make sure the nail bed is completely clean – we suggest using a cotton pad and nail polish remover to give each nail a quick wipe down.

Step 7: Choose your favourite summer hue and get painting. Remember to apply one layer of a base coat, (wait for a minute), apply two coats of your nail colour (wait for a minute between each coat), and lastly apply a quick-drying topcoat. We love hot pink for a pop of girly colour!

Here’s the secret to your perfect pedi. Just wait another minute or two…and maybe another one or two. Just to be sure. Now you can relax and enjoy your fresh feet and toes! Just be careful for the next few hours before you begin running, jumping or hitting the beach again!

Are your feet in a need of a little more than just some every day TLC? If so, it’s time to bring out the Bathefex Softsole Express. If you haven’t tried this one, we highly recommend you give it a go before you need to have sandal ready feet. It is definitely not a last minute race out the door product.

Softsole is a safe and effective at home treatment to exfoliate your feet, softening calluses and cracked heels, plus removing hardened skin from the feet. Simply pop on your fave romantic comedy and kick your feet up. Wait 3-7 days to see all the magic happen (don’t panic – the peeling is completely normal).

You’ll have softer skin in just two weeks. Then to maintain you can use our 7 steps to the perfect pedi.


Happy feet!