5 ways to make your eyes pop this autumn

Effortless beauty! The holy grail of looking fab without having to spend time and energy making it happen. If you’re anything like us (and we think you might be ;) our regular makeup routine often involves spending half an hour, at least, just on making our eyes pop! Sound familiar?

So whilst still not quite effortless beauty, we’re adopting these ‘express beauty’ tips to get amazing eyes in just half the time.

1.Fake it till’ you make it, beauties
Whilst it might not be an everyday effort, lash extensions take so much time out of our beauty regime every few weeks – so we’re now huge fans of saving time with some DIY to make our eyes pop.

This is when we call on our trusty false eyelashes to help jazz up our eyes in no time. Apply 1000 Hour Lashes using 1000 Hour Eyelash Adhesive Glue to create the long, luscious eyelash look. These can be applied to a face full of makeup (glam), or simply on their own to create an effortless natural look.

For effortless application, our secret is the 1000 Hour Lash Applicator.

2. Be your own beautician
Ever heard of no-lash-o-phobia? It’s the fear of having no lashes, or at least appearing to have no lashes. Yep, all you fair-lashed beauties, we’re talking to you, as well as those of us who have been wearing mascara since we could reach mum’s makeup bag.

Here’s your express solution to daily mascara layering! And it doesn’t involve spending time and money at the beautician every fortnight.

1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit is an easy DIY eyelash and brow tint. In three easy steps you could have defined lashes and brows that give you a natural, but enhanced, look. Waterproof, safe and easy to apply, it’s available in four colours. Each pack contains 12 applications so you can continue to use it on a regular basis. Say goodbye to non-existent lashes and hello to less time spent applying mascara.

3. The tool that will change your life – seriously!
We all know how much curling your lashes does for your overall look, but you have never experienced the power of an eyelash curler until you try a heated eyelash curler! The 1000 Hour heated eyelash curler is quick and easy to use. Simply switch power on and after 15 seconds you can start curling your lashes by lifting the lashes and applying pressure – just like applying mascara. Instant eye pop!

OK we’ll admit the next two tips are only partly express eye pop…but they deserve to be included regardless.

4. Grow your own lashes
The express part is that a quick slick of eyeliner is a sure fire way to amazing eyes. It defines and brings out eye colour instantly.

The not so express part is that you can line your eyes and grow your lashes at the same time – yep, really! Of course they will not magically appear overnight and patience is required, but 1000 Hour Xpress Lash-Gro Eyeliner will improve the length and thickness of your lashes in 4-8 weeks. Apply a single line to the base of your lashes and have the liquid eyeliner look fab while enhancing your lashes – without it being just an illusion. The 2-in-1 magic wand is a life saver!

5. This might be a Bold statement
The express option is to choose a fantastic autumn hue, think delicious plums or metallic bronzes and apply one sweep of colour to your lids. Done and on trend in less than one-minute.

If you need a whole set to make the magic happen (and happen to be a morning person who simply can’t leave the house without the whole she-bang – it’s OK we don’t judge), the Bold Metals silver eye brushes by Real Techniques are just what you need. Not only are the brushes super pretty and metallic, there is a brush available to create any and all looks with your eye-shadow, including the oval shadow brush, pointed smudge brush, angled liner brush and tapered shadow brush. Each brush has been designed to create a seamless and precise finish. These brushes are that fancy you may even find yourself waking up extra early just to be able to play with them.

Whatever works for you, there is a way to make your eyes pop this autumn. You can now enjoy those extra few minutes snuggled into a warm doona throughout winter, confident it won’t impact your beauty routine. Beauty sleep, right!