4 steps to the perfect christmas look

Hopefully by now you’ve written your cards, grabbed your gifts, and done the round of Christmas party catch-ups. Phew! With all that rushing out of the way, now is the perfect time to think about your Christmas Day look.

The great news is you won’t have to think too hard, because we’ve written this blog with everything you need to look fab, in mind – consider it our little pre-Christmas gift to you ?

Step 1 - Brows, Brows, Brows
Great brows really frame the face, and allow you to keep everything else simple. Start with a tidy up; gently tweezing any strays to maintain the brow shape. We love the 1000 HOUR Lighted Tweezer which lets us see and remove any really fine hairs (whilst they might be almost invisible to the eye when natural, these ones will still catch tint or brow mascara).

Step 2 – Base Then Face
First, base. We love using a powder base for a natural look and what better excuse to whip out our luxe Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Arched Powder Brush for a flawless look. What classic Christmas look doesn’t include some sort of Christmas themed eye shadow? You can admit it, we’re amongst friends here. This season we’re still trying to choose between gold, red or green shadow – pick whichever one gets you in the Christmas spirit. We recommend using the Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Shadow Brush to create a seamless flow of Christmas colour across the eye lid. If you want a little more colour, use the pointed tip to gently line below the lash too. Top off your Christmas eyes with a go-to favourite lash - we’re choosing 1000 Hour Exotic Raven for a beautiful, natural look.

Don’t forget to finish your face with a sweep of blush, highlighting the cheekbone. Make sure to check out our best (and prettiest) blush brush yet, Real Techniques Tapered Blush Brush.

Step 3 – The perfect curl
Every girl knows that you can’t go wrong with a classic curl and it has never been so easy to get that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look; all you need is Freestyle Self Grip Rollers and you’ll never settle for straight again. The roller size you use depends on the type of curl you are going for. All you have to do is start from the bottom part of your hair and roll the self grip rollers towards your head to achieve volume and curls. Yep, it really is that simple.

Step 4 – Pin that perfect hair
For an even more luxe look, slide your hair into a tousled ponytail and channel your inner pin-up girl. Make sure to try our Gliders Soft Ties in red for the Christmas effect of course, and because they are soft and gentle on your hair.

If you’re not one to tie your hair up don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered. Pin your hair back in some Freestyle Bobby Pins for a secure and smooth hold. After all on a busy day like Christmas Day there is no time for hair in your face. Got kids? Get them in on the Christmas look with matching red Schoolies Metal Free Ponytail Holders.

That’s our quick wrap of how you’ll look great this Christmas Day.

Have a beautiful Christmas xx