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3 Easy no-heat hairstyles

While we all love our straighteners and curlers, applying constant heat to your hair can cause breakages and leave hair feeling brittle and flat. That’s why it’s super important to give your hair a break and have a few ‘no – heat’ days. With all the sun we’re getting now it’s spring, there’s really no excuse! There’s nothing we love more than easy hairstyles that will still make you feel and look perfectly put together.

Here are our picks for easy hairstyles that won’t damage your luscious locks!

First things first
Hairstyles are much easier to do the day after washing, but if you want to give your hair a little refresh, just wet it and let it towel dry with your Freestyle Hair Wrap to keep your hands free and let your hair dry naturally. This is a great time to moisturise and pop on your makeup.

No-heat waves
If you’re seriously missing your curler, then we have the answer! These pretty curlers are simple to use and will have your hair looking stunning! Section your hair into 5cm sections and wrap it around Freestyle Bendy Rollers and continue rolling up to your scalp. Bend the roller into a circle shape to lock it in place and let your hair finish drying.

When your hair is dry, unroll the rollers and let your beautiful waves out. Break up with your fingers for more natural beachy waves look.

Braided babe
This hairstyle is a classic half up-do with a twist. Start by taking a section from the front top part of your hair, closest to your face and separate into three sections to start your braid. You’re going to want to do an inside out braid. Basically, passing each piece from the outside UNDERNEATH into the centre.

Keep going until you’re near the back of your head, and then braid without picking up any more hair and pin in place with your Freestyle Bobby Pins. Repeat on the other side. Loosen up the braids for softer look.

Up Your Up-Do
In a rush and don’t have time to air dry your hair? You can do this hairstyle while you’re hair’s still drying! Make sure you use your Freestyle Wet Dry Detangler with its soft, ultra flexible bristles so you don’t damage breakable wet hair.

Firstly, split your hair into three sections, from your ears up as the top half, split the bottom section in half down the middle. Pin the top half out of the way while you get to work on the bottom. Then twist and pin the two sections to create two half buns at the nape of your neck.
Pin and twist the top section into a third bun and voila! Pull a few strands out to frame your face for a more casual look, or leave it sleek and shiny for ultra glam.

Ditch the blow dryer and take advantage of the warm spring, beauties!