3 Beauty approved remedies to help you detox & relieve stress

When you feel beautiful and pampered, naturally you feel a little less stressed. Life can get busy at times so it’s important to take some well deserved ‘me time’ and what better way to feel refreshed than a beauty treatment. Even better, if you can do it all at home, yourself! It will instantly lift your mood and you’ll feel totally rejuvenated.

Spoiling yourself doesn’t have to be an expensive indulgence like taking a trip to the day spa. We have found the perfect products and remedies to cure everyday stress without breaking the bank. Relax, you deserve it!

Revitalise your face
We all want beautiful glowing skin, but unfortunately stress can take its toll. Stress happens to everyone, but since we can’t avoid it, the best thing we can do is manage it. Signs of stress will appear in not so lovely ways. Who has time to deal with under-eye bags, puffiness, dry skin and blemishes.

To revitalise your face, add the EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge to your day and night facial cleansing routine to wash away dirt, oil and makeup. It is dermatologically tested and made with 100% natural ingredients too. The exfoliating bamboo charcoal removes old skin cell impurities and leaves the skin glowing and beautiful.

EcoTools Sleep Mask will ensure you get to sleep faster and stay asleep. The bamboo material provides pure darkness and is super soft for a restful sleep.

Relax your body
Relaxing is all about turning your mind away from the stresses of life. A soothing warm bath is the perfect way to release tension, calm nerves and detox. In order to have the best experience, it’s important put the right products in the bath to improve your mental state and make you happier. Dr Teals Lavender Body Oil instantly soothes dry skin and the natural sesame seed oil seals in moisture. The lavender has a light fresh aroma that relaxes your mind and scents your skin.

Another great product to try is Dr Teals Detoxify & Energize with Ginger & Clay. The pure Epsom Salt soaking solution naturally removes toxins and helps increase natural energy. It is also important to remember to exfoliate the skin to stimulate circulation. EcoTools Bamboo Loofah will remove dead skin cells leaving you with soft and shiny skin.

Pamper your feet
Whether you’ve shopped ‘till you’ve dropped, gone for a long run or had to run errands all day, soaking your feet in warm water can do wonders. After a long hard day pampering your feet will help to relieve the pain and soreness. Use Bathefex Epsom Salt Foot Bath to sooth your feet leaving them smoother and odour free. The essential oils invigorate the senses creating a relaxing soak for muscles and cramps.

Setting some time each week for self-pampering will help to de-stress, soothe your body and calm your mind. Go ahead and transform your bathroom into your very own beauty spa and treat yourself with these amazing products, you can thank us later ?